3×5 Daily Goal-Setting Cards: 90-Day Supply

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The 3X5 Goal-Setting system is the simplest, most powerful way to set goals in just five minutes a day. Order a 90-day supply and follow simple instructions to get started right away. You’re just days away from becoming a goal-setting and achieving expert.

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Get Hyper-Focused with a 90-Day Supply of Goal Cards!

Have you ever:
• Floundered along while others are crushing their goals?
• Wondered, “What should I be working on?”
• Felt overwhelmed from all the stuff on your list and end up not doing any of it!

>> These are all symptoms that come from a lack of focus. But don’t feel bad. Nobody teaches you goal-setting in school. You have to learn it on your own.

The 3×5 Goal-Setting System breaks down goal setting to small, actionable items every day. It’s a simple way to get and keep you focused. These goal cards will help you form the habit of setting and achieving every day! Just fill out a new card each night before you go to bed- it only takes five minutes. You’ll wake up each day with your “plan” all ready to go!

Try this system for 90 days and you’ll notice a HUGE difference in your ability to focus and productivity. This one habit will put you in the top 3% of achievers who write their goals down every day!

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1 review for 3×5 Daily Goal-Setting Cards: 90-Day Supply

  1. Alita

    I love these. I have gone through several goal setting systems but all were missing a very crucial piece for me. I found that here. The scoring system that Matthew has built into these cards allows me to chart my progress and make the changes we all should make to keep our goals in alignment with who we are and what our ONE MAIN GOAL is. I recommend these to any budding or seasoned entrepreneur needing to streamline, change, or create a goal setting and crushing system that DOES work!

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