3×5 Daily Goal-Setting Cards: 30-Day Supply

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The 3X5 Goal-Setting system is the simplest, most powerful way to set goals in just five minutes a day. Order a 30-day supply and follow simple instructions to get started right away. You’re just days away from becoming a goal-setting and achieving expert.

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Get Hyper-Focused with a 30-Day Supply of Goal Cards!

Have you ever:
• Floundered along while others are crushing their goals?
• Wondered, “What should I be working on?”
• Felt overwhelmed from all the stuff on your list and end up not doing any of it!

>> These are all symptoms that come from a lack of focus. But don’t feel bad. Nobody teaches you goal-setting in school. You have to learn it on your own.

The 3×5 Goal-Setting System breaks down goal setting to small, actionable items every day. It’s a simple way to get and keep you focused. These goal cards will help you form the habit of setting and achieving every day! Just fill out a new card each night before you go to bed- it only takes five minutes. You’ll wake up each day with your “plan” all ready to go!

Try this system for 30 days and you’ll notice a HUGE difference in your ability to focus and productivity. This one habit will put you in the top 3% of achievers who write their goals down every day!

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