How the 3X5 Goal-Setting System Works

Before you begin, read this blog on establishing your LifeMap Foundation.

Each card contains the following:

(Side 1)
  1. Space for the one key habit you are building right now
  2. Space for what you will focus on this month to achieve your one main goal (OMG)
  3. Space for what you will focus on this week to achieve your month activity
  4. Extra space to capture ideas



(Side 2)
  1. Space for the time and date you will wake up and start your day
  2. Space to score how well you did that day
  3. Space for the top five things you will do today to help achieve your week activity
  4. Spaces to record a “Mini-Win,” something you could have done better and something you are thankful for









Fill out one 3X5 card each night before bed. This should take no more than five minutes. Keep it somewhere visible: at your desk or nightstand where you might keep your wallet, watch, purse or keys so it becomes part of getting ready the next day. Each day, carry this card with you wherever you go. It’s small enough to fit in a pocket, purse, wallet or planner- whatever works for you. As you accomplish things, check them off the five items on side two. And be mindful throughout the day of things for which you are thankful.

The “THINKUBATOR” is one of the most valuable parts of this system. Any time something strikes you in an unusual way—a thought, something funny, an idea, a suggestion—write it down. Make it a habit to capture any and all ideas on your card. After a few months, you’ll be amazed at how many ideas your brain has produced. And who knows, one of them might be your next million-dollar idea.

At the end of each day: (this should take five minutes or less):

  • Finish filling out three things for which you are thankful and file the card
  • If any of the five “DO IT” items are not checked off, put them at the top of tomorrow’s list
  • Finish filling out tomorrow’s card

At the end of the week:

  • Go through all your cards and journal your THINKUBATOR notes and discard the cards (or if it’s easier, you can do this monthly
  • If you accomplished your week focus, congratulate yourself, check it off and set a new commitment to help you achieve your month focus
  • If not, recommit and write it on tomorrow’s card

At the end of the month:

  • If you accomplished your one focus for the month, congratulate yourself, check it off and set a new commitment to help you achieve your one main goal
  • Or, recommit and write it in the new card

Suggestions and ideas:

  • Take two cards around with you (today’s and tomorrow’s) so you can get a jump on tomorrow’s card by writing down new action items as they come to your mind
  • Be concise when writing your activities and goals
  • Take a few minutes to put reminders in your calendar for a certain time each night, end of each week and at the end of each month
  • Take note of your progress and celebrate your wins

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