3x5 Achievement Master Course

When I say “goal setting” what comes to mind? Most people think about picking a goal and breaking it down into smaller pieces. While that’s important, it’s about 5 percent of the process. Without the right elements in place, your “goal setting” (which is the execution piece of the process) will prove fruitless and you’ll find yourself floundering year after year. It’s why more than 90 percent of New Year’s Resolutions are broken within the first 30 days.

In the 3x5 Achievement Master Course, you’ll discover achievement, time management, goal setting and productivity on a whole new level. This comprehensive course walks you through a proven system for setting up your life to achieve your goals and beyond. Throughout this journey, you will build and establish a belief foundation, gain clarity, implement a specific system and understand exactly how to move forward in a way that keeps you focused and helps you avoid feeling overwhelmed or confused by implementing habits, routines and systems.

Here’s a brief video to explain more:

Course Outline:

Intro: Goal-Setting 101

The course you never took in school because they never offered it

Module 1: Infrastructure

Establish a Master Plan for your life

Module 2: Habits

Break and build your way to a better life

Module 3: Environment

What’s around you shapes what’s within you

Module 4: Accountability

Utilize a system to keep you on course

Module 5: Routines

Reinforce your habits with rhythm

Module 6: Time

Leverage your most precious asset

Bonus: Systems & Automation

Running your life like a well-oiled machine

Intro/Overview Module

Fundamentals of Goal Achievement: the course you never took in school because they never offered it


• The difference between wisdom and wisdumb

• Stepping out of your comfort zone

• Seeing failure in a new light

• The eight principles of achievement

1. Solidify your identity

2. Gain clarity

3. Make a commitment

4. Get accountable

5. Act in faith

6. Embrace failure

7. Stay focused

8. Pivot

• The danger of multi-tasking

• How to master focus


• A brief (but powerful) exercise on multi-tasking

• Identify your one main goal (OMG)

• Join our Facebook community

• Homework assignments to complete before Module 1

Module 1

Build Your MasterPlan: set up and establish a solid foundation for achievement


• How your Supercomputer (brain) works

• How to “tame the beast” (neuroplasticity)

• Step-by-step guide to creating your MasterPlan

1. Personal inventory (strengths, assets, triggers, etc.)

2. Foundation (purpose, vision values, etc.)

3. Major life goals

4. Persona (who are you becoming?)

5. Goal breakdown

6. Habits 

7. MasterPlan statement

8. Measuring and accountability


• Begin filling out your MasterPlan Foundation document

• Generate your first draft MasterPlan Statement

• Share your results in our Facebook community

Module 2

Clean up Your Four Environments: what’s around you shapes what’s within you


• Why your environments are critical to your success

• The danger of willpower

• Your four environments

1. Physical environment

2. Social environment

3. Virtual environment

4. Mental environment

• How to “clean up” each one


• Worksheet: physical environment

• Worksheet: mental environment

• Worksheet: social environment

• Worksheet: virtual environment

• Refine your MasterPlan Statement

Module 3

The 3x5 Achievement System: master focus using the achievement cards


• About the system

• Why it works

• 3x5 system principles

• How the system works 

1. Side 1: habits & do-it list

2. Side 2: thinkubator and check-ins

3. Scoring and accountability

4. Journaling your cards

5. Your DayPlan meeting

6. Your WeekPlan meeting

• Tips on making the most of the system


• (Kickoff Kit has arrived by now)

• Complete your first 3x5 day 

• Post your OMG Reminder Cards

• Give away a Friend Set

Module 4

Time and Productivity: the dynamic duo of achievement


• How to best “spend” your time

• Today’s great plague: Decision Fatigue

• The natural outcome of valuing time  

• How to make the most of your busy day

• Time’s three greatest enemies 


• Complete your Productivity Tracker Discovery Card

• Ask a stranger about his/her one main goal

• Continue refining your MasterPlan Statement 

• Complete at least three 3x5 days 

Module 5

Habits: the good, the bad and the ugly


• Goals vs. habits vs. routines

• How bad habits hold you back

• Three phases of a habit

• The habit cycle

• The power of triggers

• Tips for breaking up existing habits

• Tips for forming new habits


• Complete your Habit Zapper Discovery Card

• Complete your Habit Builder Discovery Card 

• Record & email your MasterPlan Statement

• Share your habit plan with those closest to you

Module 6

Success Stations: change your life with morning and evening routines


• Purpose of a routine

• Routines and willpower

• Why you need routines

• 17 of the top routine activities

• When is the best time to start your day?

• The power of visualization

• How to implement your success stations 


• Complete the Station Exploration Discovery Card

• Complete the Morning Sucess Station Discovery Card

• Complete the Evening Sucess Station Discovery Card

• Complete at least one perfect day 

Bonus Module

Systems and Automation: oil your engine


• Systematize > automate > scale

• What you can systematize

• How to create a system

• How to automate 

• How to systematize your new 3x5 Life


• Create systems to save you time 

• Give away your Friend Sets

• Access exclusive content and resources

Full disclaimer: This course teaches the same core principles many have followed to achieve success. However, in no way do any of the materials, examples or testimonials suggest that you will experience similar results. The fact is, this system does not work…you do. And if you’re not willing to do the work and complete the assignments, you cannot expect to see any results. To achieve success, you should expect to come across failure, experience disappointment, face fears and do things that make you uncomfortable on a regular basis. Please do not fall into the trap of judging someone else’s success as an expectation of your own. Everyone’s circumstances, strengths and commitment to the system are different. Success is a journey of self-discovery and self-mastery.