Introducing, the world’s simplest
achievement system!

  • Master focus
  • Eliminate overwhelm
  • Crush confusion

…in just 5 minutes a day!

Master Focus, Eliminate Overwhelm and Crush Confusion…in Just 5 Minutes a Day.

More than 40% of us make New Year’s Resolutions, yet only 8% achieve them. But 100% of us know we should be setting goals and don’t. Why?

According to Business Insider, 67% of millionaires write down goals and 81% keep a to-do list. It’s no secret successful people set goals. So if we want to be successful, shouldn’t we do what successful people do?

If all the data underscores the importance of setting goals, why do so few of us set them? What is it about this habit that seems to be so difficult for so many?

I’ve spent years studying these questions. And I’ve come to three primary conclusions:

First, you’ve never learned how. But don’t feel bad, they don’t have a Goals 101 course in school.

Through high school, we’re taught science, history, math, reading. All good things. But who taught you something so fundamentally important as setting and achieving goals?

We go into our careers or businesses and we are left to learn goal-setting on our own. Some of us pick it up naturally. Others have to work at it.

But after being on this site and especially after using the cards, you can never again use the excuse that you just didn’t know how.

Second, you tend to focus outward rather than inward. Most of us have this backward. Darren Hardy, former Publisher of Success Magazine has some great advice on this:

Let’s say my goal is to earn an additional $100,000 next year. The question is not, “What is going to make me $100,000 next year?” The question is, “Who do I need to become to earn an additional $100,000?”

Focus on learning about the type of person who has achieved your goal. Then, think like they think and do what they do. Change your inner world and your outer world will follow.

Third, your system is too complicated. Multitasking is the ability to screw up more than one thing at a time. So why would you try to multitask your goals?

Instead, simplify your process. Write out all your goals, prioritize them, focus on one main goal (OMG) and break it into actionable steps, which become your daily tasks.

In an interview with Success Magazine, Jim Cathcart suggests asking one simple question to help identify your OMG:

“Which one of these goals is the most important?” or, “If I achieve this one, how many of the others would come with it?”

Finally, a system so simple, you can’t help but focus!

  • Daily achievement cards
  • Set your goals with ease
  • Crush confusion

Prior to using this system I really thought I knew what my goals were. I believed I was on top of daily activities to help me grow my health coaching business. What I discovered in using the 3×5 Goals system was that my daily actions weren’t always in alignment with my goals.

Cherilyn T.

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

I’m an Addictions Counselor, working with people to make change. Change, goals and daily tasks are all I teach and I have specialized training in this. These cards are fantastic. They actually look similar to a few goal models I was taught about in my clinical work. I have enjoyed using the cards and they helped me feel focused with my business.

Heidi E.

Addictions Counselor

I really like how easy they are to use. I was always writing goals on scraps of paper and that’s what’s nice about the cards is that they’re small and easy to take with you.

Pop it into a planner (if you still use one lol!) or a purse.

Stephanie M.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does this crazy thing work?

It’s very simple. Just fill out one card each night before you go to bed by answering the questions on the card. This link will give you a more in-depth outline.

How can I order a set of cards?

Easy- just click here. They’re even free!

Does this replace my planner?

No. It actually complements your planner. The 3×5 Goal Cards are an abbreviated extraction of your day’s most essential tasks. Keep them in your planner, purse, pocket or at your desk.

Why should I use paper instead of technology?

The short answer is, maybe you shouldn’t. But most people live in an over abundance of technology and find paper to be a refreshing change. Many 3×5 users find it to be easier and more convenient.

What are some of the biggest benefits?

There are many benefits. But what we hear over and over is that the 3×5 Goal Cards help people focus on what is most important. In an overly destracting world, it’s more essential than ever to stay focused.

Besides goals, what else is on the cards?

Since space is small, each card is designed with maximum efficiency. There is space for your goals, daily activities, ideas and even a check-in area to help you wrap up your day.